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Email Caveat


The contents of the email and its attachments

The text block at the bottom of an email that indicates the details of the sender and contact information along with a Web Link to the complete caveat

UCE aka Uninvited Commercial Email aka spam
The transmission of advertising or promotional material by email to recipients without their express permission

Web Link aka Uniform Resource Locator aka URL
The Internet address that recognizes a particular file – usually includes an “http” prefix plus a domain name


  1. If you are not the intended recipient of the email, even if it was addressed to you in error, you must contact Eric Marlowe Garrison and destroy all instances of the received material. You are prohibited from:

    1. Reviewing, retransmitting or disseminating the Information
    2. Taking any action in reliance on the Information

  2. This caveat forms part of the email message that you have received and is linked to it by the Web Link at the end of the email together with an abbreviated form of this caveat.

  3. Receipt of this email does not constitute an implicit invitation or authority to use Eric Marlowe Garrison’s email address for any commercial purpose, including, but not limited to the sending of UCE, soliciting business, transmitting or disseminating the sender’s personal information including the email address itself.

  4. If you doubt which action to take, please contact Eric Marlowe Garrison immediately. Contact details are within the email Signature or you may click here.