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The future depends onwhat you do in the present
African American Couple


Through sex counseling and sex coaching work, Eric's clients benefit by:

  • Accepting varying definitions of sex and sexuality

  • Augmenting dating and social skills

  • Breaking free from social isolation

  • Communicating better (with and without words)

  • Confronting sexual trauma

  • Defeating primary and situational anorgasmia

  • Defining monogamy and setting rules within a relationship

  • Enhancing sexual pleasure and satisfaction

  • Enjoying sex toys (or going on a field trip with me to buy sex toys)

  • Eroticizing safer sex

  • Fueling sexual desire

  • Increasing sexual stamina

  • Learning about sex (anatomy, physiology, health, etc)

  • Living Apart Together

  • Loving their bodies (even when we don’t have “perfect” health)

  • Meeting fantastic partners for a variety of relationships

  • Natural Family Planning (for religion, the environment, etc)

  • Negotiating like a diplomat (in and out of bed)

  • Orgasmic Birth

  • Overcoming erectile and ejaculatory concerns

  • Practicing BDSM with safety and pleasure

  • Questioning sexual orientation

  • Raising children who are sex-positive and grounded

  • Reclaiming your sexuality after breast cancer or prostate cancer

  • Releasing sexual inhibitions

  • Sharing a life together while living apart

  • Stating and achieving sufficient sexual needs

  • Touching with love and intimacy

  • Triumphing over internal and societal homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, shame, and stigma