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With over 100,000 copies sold - and still selling, Mastering Multiple Position Sex is an international, multi-language best-seller (English, Dutch, German, Polish, and Russian). The former #1 Sex Instruction Book on, still ranks in the top 99% of their American sales. It has remained the #1 sex instruction book of its kind in Russia for years. You can watch the book's English trailer here

Here's what others say about this exciting book that made the 2009-2010 ALA Banned Books Week List (making Eric the only Virginian on that historical list) and continues to
 enhance pleasure in people's consensual relationships:

“A long-awaited masterpiece from an esteemed sexologist, this priceless collection of advice will leave readers singing Eric’s praises and shouting for an encore."     Betty Dodson, PhD, author of Sex for One and web sexologist at

Mastering Multiple Position Sex will jump-start your sex drive immediately. So if you crave better sex tomorrow, then bring this book to bed today!”    
The Late Reverend Dell Williams, feminist pioneer, author, and founder of

“Bravo, Eric, for giving us a book that beautifully blends the personal, practical, and professional into a symphony of erotic delights for today’s lovers.”     Lisa Schrader, author Kama Sutra 52 and founder of   

Mastering Multiple Position Sex is a juicy read! The sexy photos illustrate movement through positions, mirroring a dance to music, and Eric lends a great coaching voice to readers looking for new ways to explore their erotic ‘symphony.’ This book is vital for couples who want to help each other experience pleasure, in any position.”    
Tammy Nelson, psychotherapist, international speaker, and author of Getting the Sex You Want

“This lyrical book is an etude for the student of Sensual Virtuosity. Maestro Garrison will inspire you to take your 'practice of pleasuring' to new heights.”     Charla Hathaway, author of Erotic Massage and 8 Erotic Nights; her private private practice is

"This book will make you laugh, learn, and love sex even more than before. It's such an original concept that even I was surprised and delighted by it.”    
Susan Crain Bakos, bestselling author of The Sex BibleThe Sex Bible for WomenThe Orgasm Bible, and many more

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